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△ Holistic Life Styling


△ Style Your Whole Health

Many clients come to me for guidance, emotional support and advice, however during our sessions it seemed that there was often a missing piece that was needed to incorporate. Many of us struggle with various health challenges and often times a holistic approach proves beneficial in treating the whole self. 

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I use various methods and training to offer solutions and guidance to support your goals.  I have always recognized that there is no “one size fits all” diet which is going to cure all illnesses. We have to be in tune with our bodies to understand what will feed and fuel it optimally. 

Have you been wanting to:

  • Improve your eating, exercising and other lifestyle habits?
  • Understand your body better?
  • Have more energy?
  • Finally make your self-care a priority?
  • Experience an overall increase of happiness in your life?

Through my insight and coaching, I focus on having a thorough understanding of your personal goals, needs, and lifestyle to create a holistic life style that is tailored for YOU.  Let me help you get things back on track not only emotionally but physically as well so you can start thriving, rather than just surviving!    

Free Holistic Lifestyle Assessment

△ Styling Your Personal Wellness Program | 95 Month*

I will work with you to design personalized nutrition & wellness program. I can help with a variety of concerns such as stress, fatigue, aches and pains, weight gain and weight loss, digestive issues, hormonal balance, infertility, PMS, anxiety & mood swings, mindfulness or direction with cleansing/detoxing. 

My approach focuses on three main areas: nutrition, lifestyle/emotional wellness, and exercise/stress relief. I will design a meal plan, help you uncover hidden food allergies that may be causing some health problems as well as determine what nutrients you are lacking. Aside from what I uncover during the consultation process, I use my insight as well as my training to uncover areas of imbalance, and I’ll recommend various methods to help you achieve optimal health.    

Your personalized program will strive to improve your health, happiness and overall well-being. Together, we will explore your concerns and create a plan to get you back in balance - Mind, Body & Soul.

Your Monthly Holistic Lifestyle Program Includes:

  • One, one-hour session
  • Personalized Holistic Program
  • One thirty minute follow up session
  • Email support between sessions (as much as you need!)
  • Weekly materials to support your goals
  • Food and Recipe Ideas
  • Recommended Activity Training 
  • Decompression and Mindfulness techniques
  • An accountability partner & cheerleader (me!)

*The $95 Monthly Fee covers the first month we work together. 

(Special Promo discount of 20% applies to the first month program price)

*Holistic Lifestyling is included as part of the Monthly Lifestyling Options: Shine package 

*Each consecutive month is $50 per month | Flexible payment options available such as weekly payments, biweekly, etc.or whatever fits your budget

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start your holistic lifestyle now!