♔ The Queen B | #1 BEST SELLER!

♔ Amazon #1 BEST SELLER! “The Queen B” Released 2.4.19

We are Beauties.  We are Bachelorettes. We are Brides. We are Ballers.  We are Believers.        We are Bosses.  We are B*tches.  We are Bada$$es. 

We are a new breed of B's.  We are The Queen Bs.

Have you ever experienced a defining moment that would forever change your life?

♔ Inspiring, thought-provoking, and eye-opening, The Queen B shares deeply intimate stories written by thirty-two real women on their struggles, comebacks and realizations that in order to remain true to themselves, they had to put themselves first. 

♔ Lifestyle Coach, Gina Clapprood developed an immense passion for helping her clients understand that it is perfectly within their right to selfishly put themselves first. After her own defining moment, Gina began to emerge from the sidelines and step into her truth - and hasn’t looked back. Through her work, she has found a commonality among most of the women she coaches - they were constantly sacrificing their own happiness for the benefit of others. They felt unworthy and as a result, their happiness was essentially non-existent.  

♔ After the debut of her first book, You Can be a SELFish B, Gina was amazed by the number of women that related to it. She was inspired by the personal truths they shared with her. In this inspiring new book, Gina has arranged a collaboration of stories from these inspiring women.

♔ This book is relatable with its fearless humor and honestly. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will make you feel inspired. These women get real on how to give yourself grace as you navigate through the struggles without giving up and keeping your eye on the comeback. The Queen B exemplifies how to live your life with passion and stay true to yourself.

♔ You deserve to be the happy, confident woman you were meant to be …You deserve to be The Queen B.

△ SECOND BOOK: Little Girls Should Be Seen & (not) Heard

Second Book- Little Girls Should Be Seen & (Not) Heard: Reintroduce Yourself and Unleash the 'B' (Heels Optional) is a self-help and self-love book for anyone who desperately wants to improve their life by taking control of themselves, and their priorities without the need for permission from anyone else. It's time to learn how to unleash the B! 

In a refreshingly conversational how-to guide, Gina Clapprood serves up 16 bite-sized chapters helping you to: Identify, change and unleash the ‘B’ identifiers in your life such as “Bachelorette, Boss, Beauty, Bada$$ etc. Learn how to stop self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that stop you from getting what you want. Create a life you totally love. And create it NOW. 


△ Debut Book: You Can Be a SELFish 'B'

Live the life YOU want-unapologetically. Focus on what inspires YOU. Gives YOU joy. Motivates YOU to wake up each morning and kick some a$$! 

We all face periods of transition in our lives. Whether it comes with age, a loss, a win, etc. Whatever the reason we often times think about putting our needs first, but don’t or don’t follow through long enough because we feel we are being too selfish and that leads to guilt. This comprehensive, thought-provoking book will equip you with the tools necessary to move forward your journey authentically and without apology. From the inside out, + the outside in. 

This book will teach you and give you the tools to stop that (SH)IT NOW! So put on your suit of armor, or your pretty big girl panties. We are all a work in progress. It's time to take a breath and get ready to put yourself first and learn how to take the first steps in becoming a SELFish “B”. 

Are YOU ready?! 

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