"Gina is absolute magic. A guiding voice & delivers without fail." 

"Genuine & unassuming. I trust her advice & guidance." 

Your Lifestyle Coach

Work With Me. To live your BEST life, your way.

Hi! I am Gina, your Intuitive Lifestyle & Accountability Coach!


Think of me as your "person" who is ALWAYS there for you. Who hears you out completely. Who asks you the questions that get to the core of what you are feeling. Who gives you tough love when you need it, and nudges you beyond your comfort zone, while supporting you in truly being the person that you know you are deep down.

I’m here to breathe some confidence into your dreams & your new (and improved) way of life, to guide you through the sometimes overwhelming transitions on your journey. I am here to guide you into uncovering what it is you WANT from your future.

I will work with you to find a better balance in your life, so you can be grounded in who you are no matter what comes your way and to stay focused on your dreams, heart and vision.

I will teach you to set boundaries. To say NO to what isn't serving you and YES to what fulfills you. To ask for support, to communicate openly and from your heart. To be accountable to yourself and to fully see your own greatness. 

My lifestyle & accountability coaching is for you.  If you need intuitive insight, guidance, advice or a little tough love...I'm your girl!

More About Gina

A lifestyle coach and advisor for more than 20 years, Gina provides support and insight to help you achieve your goals, make real changes, and be your ultimate self. Always a thoughtful listener, Gina was recognized as highly intuitive from an early age and over the years has learned to channel this skill to give back to others. Experienced in working with all ages, stages of life and levels of success, she helps people through the challenges of life in concrete ways.

Feeling unsure or unsteady about some parts of your life? Gina’s work connects you to your purpose and a vision for life that will excite and inspire you! Gina is a twice certified Life Coach and is certified in Holistic Nutrition. She holds a BA in Psychology and has extensive leadership and management experience.

Married to her high school sweetheart and the mother of three boys, she is based in Rhode Island and works with clients all over the world.   

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Why Work with Me?

Start by asking yourself...

  • Am I authentically ME?
  • Do I need to let (sh)IT go?
  • What is my true calling and life’s purpose?
  • Am I excited to wake up every day and take on the world?
  • Am I in the right relationship?
  • Do I feel good about my finances?
  • Is my health what I want it to be?
  • Is it time to reevaluate some of the relationships in my life?
  • Am I feeling overwhelmed, stuck or disorganized?



Ask me for a FREE Clarity Assessment! 

Gina Clapprood

Together we uncover the life YOU want

To get our work moving, you receive a free initial consultation with me and a coaching clarity assessment.  As our work unfolds, I tune in to where you are and how you got there. This helps us both get more connected to the most important aspects of your life!

The end result is uncovering the life YOU want and using my extensive experience and gift of intuition, I help you determine how to get (back) on your best path.

Styling and Reaching Your Goal

Our work is more than an appointment on your calendar, it’s a continued focus on how to reach your life goals. 

I am here to embark on this life journey with you and make sure you have a practical and achievable plan. Perhaps you need tough love or perhaps you need a gentle nudge. 

Whatever your style, I will keep us on track. In our work I will advise and guide you through the challenges of relationships, professional career, health, finances, home organization, and other matters you are faced with on a daily basis.

But no matter what - I can promise you – I will be there to support you every step of the way.    

Life Styling Options

Shine | $275 per month*


  • Unlimited calling
  • Unlimited email/text support
  • Immediate/same day response
  • Additional Private Coaching in your choice of: Professional Career Skills, Image Consultation, Organization & Decluttering or Holistic Nutrition 
  • One hour coaching session (depending on your preference/location)
  • Two half hour follow-up coaching sessions
  • FREE VIP Admission to Workshops
  • Pre-session clarity questionnaire


Glow | $190 per month*


  • Unlimited email/text support
  • Same day/next day response time or sooner 
  • One hour coaching session 
  • A half hour follow-up session
  • Two 15-minute phone/video call check ins
  • VIP Admission to Workshops      
  • Pre-session clarity questionnaire


Light | $150 per month*


  • One hour coaching session 
  • A half hour follow-up session
  • A fifteen minute phone call check in
  • 10 email/text support sessions 
  • 48 hour response time or sooner
  • Discounted Admission to Workshops
  • Pre-session clarity questionnaire

*Light is also available as an Unlimited text/email support only per month option

*Visit Package:  Purchase 4 or more visits for $50 per visit vs $60 a visit=$40 savings or more


Flexible payment options available to support your budget and long term goals, i.e. smaller weekly payments -whatever works for you!

*A monthly fee holds the space for you to reach out anytime so I can be available to you to guide you through any issues and challenges.  Can be multiple times per day, week or over the course of the month.  Rest assured that I will be there for you without you feeling like you are interrupting me.  


When You Need Insight

Intuitive Insight Session | 75

Advice with an insightful and intuitive edge on an issue, situation or decision where you need a quick answer. I will use my intuition and various coaching methods to provide you with the guidance and answers you need...NOW. 

  • Online or Private Session
  • Focus on one-time,  short term goals, issues, challenges and questions.  
  • Simply let me know what areas of focus you would like your session to cover
  • You can ask as many specific questions as you wish!
  • Turnaround time is 7-10 business days or sooner from receipt of payment*
  • *Rush requests will incur a $10 rush fee
  • *If you decide to level up to a Lifestyling monthly option after the completion of this session, this fee will   be applied to the Light, Glow or Shine package price.



Life Styled Events

Events, Workshops & Speaking Engagements Designed for YOU! 

I will accommodate any size group. Ask me about corporate and group rates. 

Sometimes, a solo journey just isn’t the way to travel. You need someone to help you navigate. You need a travel buddy. Or 5. Or 10. This is also a great, affordable way to see what life style coaching is all about. Rely upon the collective wisdom of a team to help you get that clarity you’re craving.

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Registration holds you a spot at the workshop or event you are interested in attending. 

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Your Life Styled Stories

 Gina is absolute magic! Got her info through word of mouth over drinks with clients at Chateau. The insight she delivers is beyond my imagination. Gina is unique and on point! She's addictive! I use her services regularly. She is a guiding voice and delivers without fail! You’ve been warned!                                                                                                                                                                                   --Felicia, New York

Trying to capture the essence of what Gina has done for me is difficult. I've known Gina for 9 years now. Initially she showed me how her intuition was an uncanny gift as she guided me to explore ideas I had never considered previously. She told me that I was writing a book and when I told her that I wasn't she said, "Well it's like it's already written. You  just have to put it on paper." So I sat at the computer and 76 nights later I had a 300 page manuscript which is now a traditionally published novel. But it's what Gina said about the book before I wrote it that strikes me as truly miraculous. She told me that it was going to catapult me to completely different work. And this is what completely changed my life. I now get to use my own intuition to help guide others in changing their lives for the better. I can't thank Gina enough for changing my whole world.                                                                                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                                        --Caroline, Massachusetts

 I have had questions about my life throughout the last twenty years and have continually turned to Gina for intuitive advice.  She is so genuine and unassuming in her gift and abilities.  She has always given me relationship and professional guidance that is accurate, thought provoking and always helpful.  I have referred multiple friends to her because I trust in her and think she is the best in her field.                                                                                                                                                                           --Kathryn, Massachusetts

I've known Gina for about ten years now...she has seen me through many trials and tribulations in my life… And I can write paragraphs about her… Between her intuitiveness her kindness, and her positivity...She has the ability to always make you feel better about yourself… She also has a unique way of having you believing in yourself,  and having the confidence to do much more than you ever had conceived,  that you could… it's a gift!  She has an uplifting demeanor that makes you just feel like you can conquer the world. The best thing that she's done for me is, she has always pushed me forward and given me hope for tomorrow. Her intuition and guidance, is always been dead on, she has been a supportive figure in my life for many years now and someone that I know I can go to, no matter what. Gina is always there for you with a positive outlook, and a guiding hand.                                                                                                                                               --Marilee, Rhode Island

I have been seeking wisdom from Gina for over ten years now.  She is absolutely a God send in my life, she is a truly gifted person!  She has never steered me in the wrong direction, when I'm struggling with life, she is the very first person I reach out to for her guidance.  She has made a huge impact on me as a person and my life with her advice.  If you are looking for the truth and a genuine person...she is the one!   Trust me and take a chance on Gina because I can guarantee you will keep coming back, she is amazing!                                                                                                                                                                            --Heather, Massachusetts


I cannot say enough about Gina.  She has provided me with the tools I need to reach my goals.  Her approach is well-thought out, supportive, and she is sincere through it all.  Gina is just a kind-hearted, good person and her work truly reflects that.                                                                                                                         --Alicia, Massachusetts

Gina is a delight to work with.  She is professional, intelligent, and intuitive with a great sense of humor! Her Vision Board session was particularly fun and inspiring! I highly recommend her services!                                                                                                                                                                                  --Jackie, Rhode Island


I met Gina from a mutual friend who had success with Gina's intuition and I was intrigued. I've met with Gina both personally and for online communications over the past several years.  My daughter has even met with her. I've found Gina's insight and intuition highly accurate and extremely helpful during some very stressful & difficult life transitions.  She has always been responsive and highly professional and a huge help.  I've been amazed at the accuracy of her readings and ability to forecast future events although they don't always materialize as fast as I'd like them to!  I'm so very glad we met.                                                                                                                                                                           -- Carolyn, Massachusetts 

I have seen Gina many times over the years. She reads very intuitively and is very clear about what she sees. Her insight is always ‘spot on.’ She is a very compassionate and genuine person. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who would like some clarity put into their life. She absolutely has a special gift! She is the best!

                                                                                                                                                                           --Joanne, Rhode Island    

I met Gina at a time in my life when my heart was heavy and I greatly needed guidance. From my first meeting with Gina - almost ten years ago - I have gained a sense of hope after she enlightens me with her visions. Gina is gifted and I am extremely appreciative of her talent. My future is bright and I now have peace in my heart. ❤
                                                                                                                                                                              --MM, Massachusetts   

 Hands down, meeting Gina Clapprood was one of the best things that could have happened to me.. A few years back I was going through some very difficult circumstances, mentally, physically and emotionally. Gina shared with me that she is intuitive and recommended I try a reading. I was skeptical, I had never had a reading before, but I decided to go for it. Several years and many readings later, I now know it was meant to be. I thrived during those tough times and that was partly due to her guidance, support, and ability to see the things I couldn't at the time. She guided me, pushed me and encouraged me to open new doors and experience life on a different level. Her continued guidance and support are priceless to me. If you have been thinking of having a session with Gina I would encourage you to step outside YOUR comfort zone and go for it!! I can assure you, she will not disappoint!!                                                                                                                                                                                 --Lauren, Rhode Island


Contact me

Are you ready to style the life you want? Do you have questions about which package option is right for you? Are you interested in a FREE Clarity Assessment? Contact me & I'll be happy to guide you.

Note: I never stop working with someone due to cost & financial pressures. My pricing has two options: either price per service for those times when you are in need of overall advice & guidance more quickly, or a monthly fee for more continuous communication & support.   For most clients it generally makes sense to do a monthly fee to make more progress & style the life you want to live.

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