☽ More About Gina


△ Why Work with Gina?

Feeling unsure or unsteady about some parts of your life?  Always a thoughtful listener, Gina was recognized as highly intuitive from an early age and over the years has learned to own her gifts + channel this skill to give back to others. Experienced in working with all ages, stages of life + levels of success, she helps you through the challenges of life in concrete ways. 

She will teach you to set boundaries. You will learn how to say NO to what isn't serving you and YES to what fulfills you!

An Intuitive & Lifestyle Coach for more than 20 years, she provides support and insight to help you achieve your goals, make real changes, and become your ultimate self.  

She holds a BA in Psychology and has extensive management + leadership, Human Resources, career coaching and social media management experience.

Married to her high school sweetheart, the mother of three boys + her boxer, Ryder, she is based in Rhode Island and works with clients locally + all over the world.   

△ Let's Style the Life You KNOW You Deserve!